Time Trial Logistics:


Race starts at 7am


We need to be in trainers warming up no later than 6:15am


It takes 45 min to get there so we need to be in cars driving up by 5:00am.  This gives us time to sign in, use the bathroom, find a parking spot, the little things.


Shawn and Veronique will be the lead coaches for this event and will be at the clubhouse by 4:30am.


Nick King and Nelson will be accompanying parents, and we will need your car space to transport.


Riders registered are: Madison, Ana, Susie, Matthew, Kajeme, Quinn, Unai, Zayk


Please bring a sack lunch with you. The team will provide some snack, gu drink and gu’s eats.


Shawn and Veronique will have all the license information and today I will hand out race waiver forms which are mandatory.


You should be home no later than Noon.


There will be Saturday morning practice as well, Shawn and Veronique will post what that will be later today.


High School Racers


Other drivers so far are Chuck Helmke, Chris O’Neil, Liz Hanes, Kate Hiller. With all these drivers along with the red van we are going to have no problem getting everyone and all the stuff up to the race.


I would prefer that these are all the cars as well, just to try and limit our footprint. Kate’s car will be a homework car and if we need more space we can identify one other car to do the same.


Please be at the clubhouse at 9am sharp. I want to leave at 9:30am sharp.


I will be riding the Shootout in the morning and I hope to get home, clean up and jump in the car. I will give my keys to someone so that you all can finalize the pack up. I will have all my stuff and the team kitchen and stuff needs already packed. All that you will have to do is put your bike in and your bags.



4 Responses to “Time Trial Notes and HSMTB notes”

  1. Shawn Gregore

    Saturday morning: All riders not going to the HSMB race meet at the clubhouse. This includes both TT racers and riders not racing this weekend. We will be at the clubhouse no later than 6:45; ride leaves at 7a. Ride ends at the clubhouse. One and a half hour ride with some short, hard efforts. Our numbers again in the unlikely event you have not programmed them into your phones: Shawn 404-4851; Veronique 977-6461

  2. Zayk

    I will not be at the practice on Saturday but I will do some riding later. I will see you Sunday morning.