Thank you everyone, rider and parents, for another great High School mountain bike race experience. It would be impossible to do it without the help of all the parents and supporters, or the politeness and support from the youth riders.


This is the only team that I want to coach. I am so very proud of how we do what we do and who we are. Thank you all!!


We may have lost some leaders jerseys this weekend but we are still in the hunt. We took our hits, but we will hit back. We will come back stronger and hungrier now. I want them back, as I imagine you do.


However we won the most important one of all. The team competition. Even when things did not for our way or we did not have the best race, we still came together as a team and put together a win. Nice Job.


Lastly thank you to all participants from this weekend, I have received some wonderfully nice feedback about how polite you all were. Well done.


Training Plan:


After this long weekend and weeks of training we need to rest a bit.


That way we can be ready to turn it back on and our bodies will respond to it.


If we go hard again too soon we will start to dig a hole that we might not be able to get out of.



Recovery Road ride. If you wish to do this on a ride to and from school that is just fine. But you should ride. If you do not that is not good. You need to get new blood to the extremes.



Mountain bike skills day

3:45 and 4:30 start times



If we are feeling ready I would like to do 3x 6 min lt efforts. I want us to get ready for a good weekend.



Tour of the White Mountain racers. You will be leaving on this day, Shawn and Veronique will post and communicate details.



High Schoolers– Shoot outs or Morning ride with Colin


Middle Schoolers doing the hill climb. Sleep in rest.




High Schoolers. Sweetwater.


State Champ Hill Climb.


The links work. Please watch.


Junior Mens World Championship.


Junior Womens World Championship

2 Responses to “Week of September 29th”

  1. Steve Bohn

    Tour of White Mountain riders:
    Looking forward to the 3 EG riders, Shawn and Veronique and several parents planning to join us in Pinetop Friday and Sat. nights. Race packet pickup is on FRIDAY ONLY, 2-8pm-do not miss it..none Sat am.

    Beds are limited and my family will be there too along with several guests-some couch space is available for sleeping but PLEASE bring a sleeping bag, pillow and mat EVERYONE. Also, race day morning will be COLD in the low 40’s so bring arm warmers, full finger gloves, base layers, spare TUBES and your MOJO. Travel safe. Our address is 4044 Bucking Horse Trail-4 hours from mid Tucson. I will send Shawn a pdf map he can share.

  2. Ana

    Is there a certain plan on how we are getting to the Hill Climb? Like times or meeting place (if any)?