High School MTB racers –  Leaving time on Saturday morning: 8am


The drive takes 5 hours, so we should be at the race at 1pm. This gives us time to pre-ride, and to build camp.


Weather: Seems like wet and cold. Pack intelligently. Have WOOL SOCKS!!


I will bring some extra large tents, as hang out tents. NEVER GET COLD THIS WEEKEND!


Packing List: I will distribute them today at Practice.


In car snacks are always welcome as contributions: Fruit is best and loved by all. Please contribute if you like.


Drivers: Red Van, Chris O’Neill, Bob and Kate, Others? Please post


Returning Sunday very late. Please get homework done on Friday afternoon and  in the car on the way up and back.


Those with leaders jerseys: You must have them at the race. You will race with them on.


Saturday pre-ride will be done in full El Grupo Kit.


Riders: Please bring music for all to listen to in the van. I will be buying a radio receiver so we can listen to your music on your phones and I-pods.


Hydration: Will be critical for this race due to the elevation. Hydration for this race starts NOW!!!! Be ready now.


Middle School Riders: 


Veronique, Colin and Shawn have a great weekend planned for you.


Saturday: Old Man starts at 6:15 am with Shawn. Meet at the clubhouse.

Colin’s ride starts at 6:30am

Veronique will choose where she wants to ride.


Sunday: Tour of the White Mountains mini “epic” prep ride. 6am start sharp.

If you are riding this event this is mandatory. You have to come ready and on time.


3 Responses to “Weekend of the 27th and 28th”

  1. Shawn

    Rain or shine Saturday and Sunday we ride. (Your teammates will racing in the snow!) Sunday’s ride will be 4 hours of endurance awesomeness.Eat the right foods the night before and in the morning. Bring food for the ride, be ready to pedal at 6AM.