We are hoping to LEAVE at 10am from the clubhouse on Saturday.Please arrive up to 30 minutes before to help pack up.
 We would like to have everyone pack a lunch – and we will have sandwich supplies to make a lunch for the ride in advance, as needed. This way we can all eat as we are hungry on the way and get to the camp ready to set up and get riding (without a crazy full belly because we just scarfed down lunch!)
Drivers going that we know about include:
Ignacio & Daniela (team van & trailer)
Gillian – 2 extra seats besides family
Kate & Bob – 2 extra seats besides family
Chris & Sherman (potentially leaving at different time?)
Damion – with Duncans after their SAT
We know that other parents are going up on Sunday (which is great!), and Collin Hanes and family are meeting us there. It seems as though we should have enough room for everyone! (Even if Chris & Sherman drive together at a different leaving time)
We have reserved three campsites at McDowell – #32, 33, & 35. That fee is already covered and we should not have to pay the $6 fee per car. Others coming up later – please be aware of this.
More info on the race, including directions can be round in the race flier. 
Finally, we strongly encourage parents to volunteer for the event if they can. Last race didn’t start on time because they did not get enough course marshals, but there are also other positions that need to be filled. Thanks for considering.
We are excited about a fun weekend together! Let us know if you have further questions.

4 Responses to “Details – McDowell MTB event”

  1. Collin Hanes

    My family and I are coming up Saturday and have 2 seats if needed