We have two high school races left. We are doing well and I would like us to finish strong, so that we are motivated to move into the road season with good feelings.


Wednesday the 15th– 5x 8min Lt or Steady State intervals. I want to tax the aerobic system but not the muscular totally. Without great amounts of time we need to make it up with some intensity.




Thursday– Trash Can ball World Championships. No Spandies


Saturday– Shoot outs. Madera would be great. Not hard though. Just putting in the good miles.

C Team starts at 7am.

Mandatory– Kidicall Mass. More information later.


Sunday– Go mountain biking with a friend. I will be with the El Grupito kids.


Then over the next three weeks we are going to start to refocus our efforts a bit while still hanging on to form so we can really enjoy the last two High School races.


Once the last race is over on the 9th of November we are going to take a recovery week.


Then starting the week of the 17th of November we are going to start our road season.


We will have 8 weeks of Base. So we will focus on strength and endurance until the 11th of January.


After that we will have three weeks of building in intervals to get us fast and ready for Valley.


Then we will take the final two weeks before the big race to taper and get ready.


We are currently 17 weeks away.


After the high school races we will have 14 weeks.


This is fantastically similar to what we did last year and I am certain that last year was the best in our history. Great changes create great unknowns.


I hope you all can find some confidence in this plan.


How many weeks away is Valley?


Please post answer– it shows respect. If you don’t I will take it as________

27 Responses to “Looking Ahead”

  1. madison

    Valley I’d 17 weeks away and you will take it as we don’t care. I’m excited for Thursday trash can ball mr favorite!

    • Madison

      Is not I’d, and my favorite not mr favorite! Ha ha, I can’t type!

  2. Leila

    Valley is 17 weeks away.
    And if we don’t post you will take it as a great offense

  3. TBC Steve

    VOS / 24HROP 17 weeks away..a team divided in numbers but united in strength.
    TBC 21 weeks away 😉

  4. Chloe

    Valley is 17 weeks away.
    And if we don’t post you will take it personally.

  5. Sam a

    Valley is in 17 weeks. Trash can Ball!!!! See you tomorrow. I care because I comment.

  6. Chuck

    17 weeks… I counted to be sure ; )

    If you don’t i will take it as an affront.