C Team ride— 7 amstart.


Old Man Shoot Out– 6:15am

Big Boy– 6:30am

With Madera if you like


Kidicall Mass– Noon at Peter Howell Elementary


This will make for a long day.


I will make plenty of food for everyone at my house after the morning rides.


Please do what you can to recover from this. Eat and drink well all day and get to bed early.




MTB skill clinic with Shawn

7am start at the clubhouse

2 hours in duration

Anyone who wants to go is invited. I strongly encourage many of you to go, Newben, Genea, Leila, Isabel, Sam, and anybody else including middle schoolers.


Other High School racers. I have left this open as Saturday will be a long day.


I wanted to give you the option.


If you want to go on a bike ride with friends–GREAT. A fun MTB ride would be best.


Kyle will be going to Fantasy Island with some folks if you wanted to ask him about that.



It’s not always about who is the strongest, and that is why bike racing is beautiful.


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  1. Sam a

    Track stand….. Track stand……. Track stannnd…… BOOM!!!!!!!! There goes orange. That’s intense