I hope a fun weekend was enjoyed by everyone.


Thank you all for coming out to kidicall mass. It was a great event and very important to us and how we do, what we do.


For the next coming weeks– PLEASE BRING LIGHTS!!! It is going to be getting darker earlier so, please plan accordingly.


We have another High School MTB race this weekend and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the competition. These workouts will also help us get ready for a great Spring Road Racing campaign.


Training Plan


Last week we pulled back a touch as the Phoenix race took a bit out of us. It was very hot and I wanted to make sure that we were fully recovered before putting in any more work. That is also why I decided to take Sunday off. This hopefully has us now fully recovered and ready to prepare for a great weekend of racing.


Tuesday— LT intervals.

Wednesday — Endurance ride

Thursday— One 10 minute MTB race at Himmel Park.


Saturday— Shawn and Veronique will be in town to ride the shoot out with those of you that do.


Colin, Julia and Jesse will be in town to lead the C ride.


Sunday— Middle Schoolers if you want to ride again, bug your coaches and have ideas.


HS’ers will then be leaving early Saturday morning.



Genea is taking the ACT on Saturday and needs a ride to Havasu. Is anyone planning on leaving later to get to the race that could drive her up?


Please respond to this post with your favorite night before a race meal.




23 Responses to “Week of October 20th”

  1. Daniela

    The Helmke’s offered to take Genea, but may be needed to bring people and stuff earlier. Anyone else going up later?

    We plan on leaving town by 7am on Saturday!!

    All riders and parents (HS only) should have received an email with more detailed info about this coming weekend’s race in Lake Havasu City. Please let me know if you did not. Thanks! Daniela

  2. Susie amazing

    Chiken in pasta !!!! its my favorite I had it the night before the time trail!

  3. Steve Bohn

    Good luck everyone racing in Lake Havasu this weekend!! I will miss practice today @ Himmel.