First lets high light some of accomplishments of this past weekend:


At the Tour of the White Mountains an Epic Rides mountain bike race:


Madison won the Junior female 35 mile race in a time of 3 hours and 41 min.

Kajema won the the Junior male 50 mile race in a time of 6 hours 9 min.

Matthew Harris was the 8th junior male in the 35 mile race in a time of 4 hours and 19 min.


A huge thank you to Veronique and Shawn for leading the trip, and to Steve Bohn for letting them crash at his house.


Also this weekend was the State Championship Hill Climb


Nick Harris won the 17-18 group and from what I hear broke the record by 2 minutes.

Kyle Helmke was second in the 15-16 age group

Ana won the 13-14 girls

Zayk won the 10-12 boys.


Looking ahead now we have a High School Mountain bike race this weekend in Fountain Hills. This is Northest Phoenix. Many of us have fall break as well so please read carefully. I am really hoping that everyone can put together a great week. This is all part of the plan to have us ready for the road season.


Please everyone do your best to have a great week of training so you can have a great weekend enjoying the races.


Training Plan:


Monday— Recovery ride. This is on your own. Get out for an easy hour. Maybe with a friend or family member. Just a nice stroll to recover from the weekend or to prepare for the week.


Tuesday— A team boys and girls. Morning ride.

Ben and Keenen I would recommend doing extra after this. Everyone else if you want to do extra fine, feel it out that day, not mandatory.


Tuesday afternoon— Regular 4:30 practice. 4x 6 min LT intervals.


Wednesday— A team boys and Girls, and any other High school racer that wants.  Leaving the clubhouse at 8am very sharp. Heading to Mt Lemmon. If you would like to meet on the way, that is ok, but you should know how.

Work out- 4x 8min LT intervals with 8 min of rest in between.


Wednesday afternoon— 4:30 start only. 4x 7 min LT intervals.


Thursday— High School racers. Fun mtb ride. 2 hours not hard. Working on flow. This should not be a hard ride. Start time shall be determined later in the week but not too early.

4:30pm afternoon practice. Barrio Trials races.


Friday— One hour recovery ride again with family or friends.


Saturday— We should be leaving for Phoenix at 10am.


Sunday— We have fun at the races.


We are coming off of two weeks of mostly easy rest practices during the week. Yes we have done some work on the weekends, but the week day practices have not been too hard. We should be ready to put in some work and we should have a positive response from it.


I want to build into the week with work on Tuesday and Wednesday and then take a “rest” on Thursday and Friday. By the time we get on our bike Saturday we should feel pretty good. With some snap from the intervals but rested enough to go hard.


The plan only works if you follow it through though, so lets have a great week.


Please everyone post if you read this and if you want to race at the High school races. Please everyone post, so I know this is  a worth while investment of my time. 

21 Responses to “Week of October 6th”

  1. madison

    I read the blog. Thanks for the “shoutout”. I have school Monday-Wednesday. I will be at practice Wednesday and Thursday PM.

  2. Unai

    I read it.
    I cannot come to morning practices this weekend, fall break is next week for me. I will be at afternoon practices, though.

    P.S. Good job to everyone this weekend!

  3. Collin Hanes

    Thanks for the blog post will sadly be out of town this week in Colorado springs and Durango but will be in Phoenix for the race.

  4. Ana

    I read the post. Sounds like a good week. I’ll most likely do afternoon practices

  5. Meester Jonas

    Congrats to everyone at White Mt and the Hill Climb!
    I may be able to make practice Wed and Thrs, but I won’t be able to attend this weekend’s race.

  6. Ben D

    I’ll do the mornung ride on Tuesday.
    Wednesday, i’ll do Lemmon in the AM.
    On Thursday, the AM MTB ride looks good.

    I’ll talk to you tomorrow about the HSMTB as i have a conflicting issue that I’m sure we can work out.

    Keenan is all good with the above.

  7. Avery

    i’ll probably be at practice every day this week. dropping the seim team because its getting boring, gearing up for wrestilng

  8. Colter

    I read the blog but can’t make Tuesday but should be able to make every other day

  9. kajeme

    i read the blog and i cant make it today. but all ather day i can make it

  10. Steve Bohn

    Good times in the White Mtns with Maddie, KJ, Matt, Jessica, Shawn, Veronique and my awesome family. Fun times in the cabin and lots for good food! SO Great to finally get on a podium and cheer on the awesome El Grupo podiums and performances as well.

  11. Newben

    I read it. I will finally be back Thursday afternoon, just getting over this cold.