El Tour


Please be at the Lighthouse YMCA at_____9:30am________ ready to ride.


If you would like to ride there from the clubhouse please be ready to leave at____9am_____.


Ready means that your bike is ready to ride, tires pumped, you have a spare tube, some food, bottles are filled and if you have a team Jersey you are wearing it.


After the ride please riders and families make your way to the clubhouse for snacks, high fives, and drinks.


All other Riders


Optional Saturday Ride

Starting at 8:30 am from the Clubhouse.

Ride will be 4 hours long as we will ride till noon and we will terminate the ride at the Finish of El Tour in the hopes that we see our teammates cross the finish line.




Mt Lemmon leaving the clubhouse at 7:30am.


If you would like to meet en route that is just fine.

4 Responses to “El Tour And Saturday Ride news and Notes”

  1. Sam

    I will ride to the tour start because I live 10 minutes away. I will leave READY at 9:15 to be there early

  2. Ana

    I will be there tomorrow but not Sunday since I need to sing at church that day

  3. Steve Bohn

    I will see you all at the YMCA as well..looking forward to a fast 55 miler! Good luck to everyone riding!

  4. sue

    I wont be at practice on tuesday because I have an ortadontist appointment aand I will be there on wednesday if I am not in a lot of pain!