I apologize for the confusion that have some in regards to their duties. Many of you received an email from Lindsey and I encourage all youth to look for it. However if you did not here goes:


Youth Riders for the 80 mile event that we want at the clubhouse at 6:30am. Your job will be to mingle with people on the ride. That’s right all we need you to do is ride the event and chat people up. You may not be with more than one other teammate. Find a nice group of folks and go for a nice ride.


Nick, Kyle, Leo, Tyler, Christian, Keenan, Ben

Tyler and Leo you will be sweeps of the ride and I want you to be the last folks on the road for the 80 mile event by half an hour. That will allow you to ride a bit faster and to Sweep the sag stop tables.


Youth Riders riding the 40 mile event. Please be at the clubhouse at 7:30am.

Chloe, Cara, Isabel, Colter, Cole, Sam,


Madison, Kajeme, and Matthew bring stuff to ride.


Sam and Isabel you will be sweeps for this ride.


All other riders we would like to have you at the clubhouse at 8am to help and socialize.


We look forward to seeing you all, and please bring a bike.



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