Here we go, last race of the season.


Leaving the Clubhouse at 10:30am.


Arrive at race: 1:30pm.


Preriding at 3pm ish.


Please bring a lunch in the car or make a lunch when you get to the clubhouse. This allows you to digest before the preride.


We are camping at a developed area with water and bathrooms not in the gravel lot with no amenities where the other teams will stay. Similar to the last race in Phoenix we went to.


Please everyone bring your team El Grupo t-shirts and Jerseys.


More information for the race can be found here:


Here is a video a youth shot of the race last year: Seems like a great course for us. Fast and you have to pedal with plenty of room to pass.


3 Responses to “HSMTB race # 5”

  1. Gillian

    Are any parents going up on Sunday morning and would like to carpool? If yes you can contact me at 520-954-0423. Thanks!

  2. Nelson

    I will be leaving at 1 pm Saturday and can take up to 4 other people & 3 bikes. Avery will go with the el grupo van in the morning. Text or call 202.460.5762 if anyone wants a ride With me

  3. bob

    I could drive at 10:30 tomorrow. Are there enough drivers and bike capacity going then? I’d have room to carry a couple of people, and bikes. If no need for me to drive, I could ride with someone else.