This is it. The last race of the winter racing season is here.


We have all the fitness we need. We have worked very hard for this and now we have one more chance to prove ourselves.


If you have not had the race you have wanted so far, make it happen this coming weekend.


The little things are what you can control now, so be mindful of them. So many of us have so much to race for individually and team wise we can win many championships this weekend and I want everyone to be able to give it their best.


Training plan:


We are either going really hard or really easy now. All we can do now is and try and stay topped off fitness and speed wise.



Tyler, Duncans, Nick. Strength training with Kate.


Everyone else easy recovery ride.



Tyler, Duncans, Nick, Daniel 3:15 start. Good tempo ride.


3:45– Over unders. These are hard race type efforts. 3 of them. This is an important practice. This makes sure we stay at max speed.


4:30– Over unders.



Recovery ride.



Old Man starts at 6:45 with Shawn and Veronique

7am. Colin, Julia and Jesse lead a g0od hard team ride.



Riders choice



High School racers you must make at least one of the recovery rides.



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    • Chloe

      its spelled gnarly… you need some spelling lessons with Julia and I