Plan change.


2 rides


Road ride 8am leave the clubhouse. Mt Lemmon. Meet en route if you like and need.


Mountain bike ride. 8am leave the clubhouse. Fantasy Island.


Any body can choose either ride. Its a choose your own adventure.



9 Responses to “Sunday November 30th”

  1. Shawn

    Those of you doing Fantasy Island w/ Veronique and me, please let us know. Post here, text or whatever.No carrier Pigeons Newben..

    A snack would be a good idea.

    • Newben

      OHHHH, I get it. I had to put the two words together, anyway….yeah I wanna do fantasy.

  2. TBC Steve

    Sorry..would love to come to FI and rip with you all but have plans to ride with Shawna and keep the peace! Cheers!