Thank you everyone for your patience as I get this information out. I have just returned from the first ever El Grupito camping trip, it was awesome and exhausting.


A +B teams– Meet at the clubhouse at 8am.


A+B team members leaving at 8:30am


All others meet at 8:30am


A+B team we will ride the shoot out route to Green Valley and then head south to Amado. From Amado we will make the Western turn to Arivaca. It will be 75 miles to Arivaca, so with the return trip to Amado it will be 100 for the day. We will then jump in the van and drive back to Tucson.


Others you will meet at the clubhouse and drive down to Amado. Hopefully you are in Amado at 10am ish. You will then ride to Arivaca and back.


We should all be in Arivaca around 12:30pm ish. At that time we will all have lunch together at the Cafe that is just east of town.


We should then be back in Amado by approx. 3pm ish and back in Tucson by 4ish.


Wednesday– I want everyone to go on a one hour recovery ride. PLEASE PLEASE do this it will help you so much for Thursday.


Thursday– Mt Hopkins.

The times will be very similar as to Tuesday, but I will wait to put out information for this as I want to see how tomorrow goes.