December 23rd


Everyone meet at the clubhouse at 8:30am.


Two different groups then leaving at 9am.


Group One– Will leave in the van and trailer and drive to Vail. Once in Vail you will get out and ride up to Sonoita. Jesse and Morgan will be with this group. I hope you start riding by 10am.


Group Two– Will leave the Clubhouse at 9am and ride the whole way to Sonoita.


Once in Sonoita we will have food and relax for minute before we head back.


Some will just ride back to the van. If so than it is a 50 mile ride.


Some will ride all the way back into town. If you drove out in the van you can ride all the way home if you like.


If you rode all the way to Sonoita you can jump in the van upon returning to Vail.


So there are many ways to do this ride.


This is will be a long and fun day of different roads and tough climbing with super fun descending.


December 24th. Mt Lemmon Ride


8:30am Leaving downtown


This way folks can leave when they need to get back to their family get togethers and parties. We will have enough help that you can ride, 1-3 hours up.


December 25th– Off — Of course