Training during the “dreaming” time of year is not always sexy.


Its just hard sometimes. This is the time of year when often you have to put your head down and do the dirty work. It can be cold, you can be tired, your legs might hurt, we might do the same ride.


No body is looking now. You can hide and do what you like. But soon enough the races will start and everyone will be looking. Who will you be?


Will you be ready to enjoy the competition how you hope? Or will you be caught watching it from behind?


I want everyone to be able to enjoy the coming season as they hope to. You all deserve to enjoy the season. You all work so hard and I want you all to achieve your dreams. That is the goal I put on myself as coach.


At times though we think that this relationship is 50% — 50%. You put in half and I the other half. But its not, we both have to put in 100% percent or it will not work optimally.


Training Schedule


Tuesday– Tumamoc Fun Day. All Family members welc0me


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 starts Base Ride


Thursday– Base Ride


Saturday– Old Man 7:15

Big Boy  7:30

C Team  7:30


Sunday–  MTB Ride leaves at 8am.

Road ride leaves at 8am.

All those riding Valley should be on the road ride.


Sunday Afternoon/ Evening TEAM PARTY

Sunday, December 7th – 2:00pm 6pm – El Grupo family game day & potluck dinner & team meeting. This will be a fun day of ultimate frisbee, bocce ball, kick ball and like for the whole family (maybe even a capture the flag re-do?!) – followed by a great sit down meal and meeting at the Scurry/O’Neill backyard.Please plan on attending! More details on the blog post to come

  More information for this can be found in the newsletter and here later this week. 

 We really hope for perfect attendance for this. 


Its not where you are at the beginning of the race, its where you are at the end.



What is my goal as coach? Please post.


19 Responses to “It’s Not Always Sexy”

  1. Kyle

    Your goal as coach is for us to achieve our dreams.. Tummamock is my favorite!

  2. Leila

    Your goal as a coach is for us to achieve are dreams. Also tumamoc “fun”

  3. Ana

    Your goal as coach is for us to enjoy the season as we hope to
    I am ready for some “fun” tomorrow

  4. Izzie

    Your goal as a coach is to help us achieve our dreams( and make our legs burn in the process)!

  5. Madison

    Your goal as a coach is to achieve our goals with a smilie on our face!

  6. Susie Ellas freind

    I will ask if I can come to Tummamock but I might not be there

  7. Sam A

    As a coach you want to help us achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. What will we do for practice today?