I am monitoring the weather. We will see what happens.


If it snows heavy like they say then we will ride Reddington Pass.


If the snow is not crazy at Hopkins then we are going to give that a go.


No matter what ride we choose though:


Meet at the clubhouse at 8:30am


Leave by 9am.


On bikes by 10am.


Back to car by 2pm.


Back to clubhouse by 3pm.


These are all guestamations but are close.


This is a mountain bike ride.


Bring a lunch with you to have with you on the ride.


Come ready for another fun day. Nothing but a fun ride.

9 Responses to “New Years Ride”

  1. Madison

    I’ll be there. Traveled home through a snow storm….I’m used to it:)

  2. Unai

    We made a last-minute decision to go snowboarding. Can’t make it tomorrow, but will see you Saturday.

  3. Sam Alexander

    It’s New Years and I have friends staying over. I won’t be coming to practice. I’ll be playing in the snow.