Saturday the 27th


Shoot outs

Old Man 7:15am

Big Boy 7:30am

C Team 7:30am


Yes it will be cold. So here is your mandatory clothes items:

Knee or Leg warmers

Gloves, full finger, and not just mountain bike gloves. I will have the box out to help.

An under warmer, not just sweat pusher, that is NOT COTTON!

Full length jacket, not just arm warmer.


The best way to keep the hands and feet warm are to keep your core super warm. This way blood is willing to travel there. KEEP THE CORE WARM.


Sunday– Mt Lemmon. We will all ride up for 2.5 hours.


Monday– Off

Tuesday– Mt Hopkins

Wednesday– 2 hour chill ride

Thursday– Arivaca and Back

Friday– Off

Saturday– Shoot out with madera

Sunday– Kitt Peak.

One Response to “The rest of the break”

  1. Ignacio

    There is a chance that we switch Mt Hopkins and Arivaca ride days and are still coordinating. We will let you all know soon…