Thank you everyone for a wonderful afternoon. I very much enjoyed the gathering and I hope everyone else did as well.


We have recently put together some very good weeks and I want to honor those while making sure we are ready to put together an amazing Winter Break.


Winter Break will be a huge part of the season before us. I encourage all of you to get excited about it and dream about.


So this week we are going to dial it back a touch. I want to keep you fresh for the work to come.


I also know that school finals are approaching so this is a good week to try and catch up with work.


Training Schedule


Tuesday: Yoga with Daniela at Clubhouse


Wednesday: 3:45 Recovery ride both groups together with TODD WELLS. Please make this if you can.

4:30 Recovery ride


Thursday: Crit Skills

24 hour racers– Genea, Leila, Quinn, Ana, Avery, Matt Harris, Collin Hanes, Unai, Newben, Sam Alexander

Please be ready to Mountain bike on this day and most Thursday from here until the race


Saturday: Old Man 7:15 with coming up Helmet Peak

Big Boy 7:30 maybe Madera for sure Helmet

C- Team 7:30


Breakfast will be at my house. Burritos are coming back!!!


Sunday: Base Ride 8am start road bikes, all who are riding Valley

MTB 8am start



Please watch from minute 32- 45min. I look forward to watching the whole thing some time soon.


9 Responses to “Week of December 8th”

  1. Steve Bohn

    One of the greatest cycling documentaries ever. You can see why Merckx was nicknamed the cannibal.
    Sorry to have missed the meeting!

  2. Ana

    Sound like a great week! Unfortunately I can’t make it to Wednesday practice since I have a French club to go to

  3. Leo

    Be sure to check the weather before the Shootout and dress appropriately- forecast is calling for cool, possibly damp weather.