Thank you for a great weekend. To the many of you who road on Saturday. Thank you for believing in yourselves. Yes it took some courage and commend you for

Finals Week.


Yes I know it is finals week and I want all of you to prioritize school. Its a job more important than riding your bikes. Please have school taken care of so that during the break you can have a great time riding your bike a ton.


The break is going to be structured as a training camp. Many youth cyclists around the country at this time leave their cold weather homes and head to warmer places to train. I have had several requests from Juniors around the country to stay with us to train. Fortunately we live in the most perfect climate to train in the winter and I want us to take great advantage of it. We are going to stay in town and put together two amazing weeks.


After the break we will take a rest week so that we can prepare for a great semester at school.


Training plan


Tuesday– Off STUDY. I will post a strength workout tomorrow for you all to do at home, that will take 30 minutes. Do this if you have big dreams.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30pm base rides. Its good to exercise during stress full times and when  you have to study. Exercising helps the brain work, we know this. Science.


Remember — Cramming is not a study habit. It does not work. Study every night for real retention. If you cant ride because you have to cram on Wednesday night, you are doing it wrong.


Thursday– Off


Friday– Base ride. Noon start. All should ride.


Saturday– 7:15 Old Man with madera

7:30 Big Boy with madera

7:30 C- Team


Sunday– 8am base ride

8am MTB all 2 Hour racers. Mandatory


What is not a study method?


Please post



19 Responses to “Week of December the 15th”

  1. Madison

    Bad method of studying is CRAMMING!!! I do not get out of school on Friday till 12:30 so I will be missing the ride 🙁

  2. Susie

    Cramming and studying for hours on end its bad fro the brain and you wont focuse for that long anyway

  3. Ana

    I get out of school at 1 on Friday so I will not be able to go on thy ride

  4. Nick

    I just watched the whole movie….. All because of that scene. Oh and I think it’s ” life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around you could miss it”

  5. Chuck

    To force, press, or squeeze into an insufficient space; stuff – ouch. No wonder it doesn’t work.