24 Hour riders:
We are very excited for this training ride. It will be a ton of fun and VERY important to making the 24 hour race successful for you and your teammates.

We are riding to and from the race course. We will leave promptly at 9am Saturday. Be at the clubhouse by 8am to help loading up and take care of any last minute issues. The ride back on Sunday will have us at the clubhouse no later than 12:00.

Food and water will be provided, along with all camping equipment: tents, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Eating utensils and plates etc as well. If you have special food needs, it is up to you to bring that food.Bring your pillow. You also need warm clothing for on and off the bike in cold weather. Ignacio will post on the blog a list of the things you will need. Follow it please!

We will be riding the race course at night. Lights will be provided for every rider this weekend and of course the race.

All that are racing are expected to go. Please let us know here or some other way that you are going. Parents that want to join us are absolutely invited. Please let us now ASAP!

Veronique and Shawn

Veronique’s # 520-977-6461

Shawn Gregore

7 Responses to “24 Hour Riders!”

  1. Sam a

    This is going to be great! I’ll see you at the club house Saturday

  2. Ana

    I will be going up.
    My dad will be joining us but he will not be able to be there until around 4pm. Also, he will be leaving at 7am Sunday morning. He is able to help with whatever is neves sad during that time

  3. Nelson

    Cronyn clan will be there: Avery at the clubhouse @ 8 to ride up, Judith and Nelson and Zayk by car mid-afternoon. Text or email to let us know what we can bring (beyond personal stuff). Thanks much to Shawn and Veronique for making this happen!