2015 24 Hour Cource recon trip
Camping Stuff Hygiene
Sleeping bag tooth brush
sleeping mat tooth paste
tent sunscreen
headlamp hand towel/washcloth
alarm clock/ digital watch
Riding Clothes Camping Clothes
Team Jersey Toque/ beanie/ winter hat
Xtra practice jersey — 2
Base layer x 2 warm jacket
arm warmers jeans/ pants
leg warmers/ leggings long undies
vest/ riding jacket 2 long sleeve shirts
long finger gloves 3 socks- wool if you got em
3 riding shorts bandana
helmet 1 t-shirts
sunglasses rain coat
riding hat- optional Sweatshirt
under pants
Eating Stuffs Riding  Stuff
to be carried in pack/ or on person
insulated mug at the start of each lap
2 tubes/ carry one per lap
patch kit
cell phone
tire levers
multi tool w/ chain tool
You must have everything on this list accounted for before you leave for the race. Coaches and
some of the other parents have extra gear so please ask for it, if you do not have something.
It tends to be very cold at night so please bring appropriate clothes. There is a chance of rain.
Pack intelligently.
All of this stuff must fit into one normal size duffel bag. It should. If it doesn’t, look at your
chosen stuff and I bet you can down size some. Of course I am not including your tent and
sleeping bag/mat in the duffel bag.
Be smart about your gear selection and ASK FOR HELP if needed.

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