The best part about resting is that its the only time that you actually get stronger. Its when your mind, body, soul and muscles can soak in all  the hard work that you have put in and can regenerate themselves to be stronger.


Resting is the only time that you get stronger. Please honor this rest week, and nurture it.


8 weeks ago we set out on this course to build ourselves up with great rides so that when we pilled hard interval work on top of it, our bodies would be ready to respond. We set down this road on November 17th. A week after the last High School MTB race.


So now we need to soak in the work we have done and prepare for the work to come with some rest.


Training Plan:


Tuesday: off. Put your feet up on the wall for 15 minutes.


Wednesday: 4:30pm practice only. No spandies skills at the park.


Thursday: Meditation session.– This is mandatory. I would really like to have awesome attendance.


I hope that many of you though ride to and from school. If possible I would like for everyone to ride approx. 30min per day. Super easy, but pedal. I don’t want you to forget about the bike, but just cruise. This can be no spandies if that helps you.


Saturday– 9am start. ABC team group chill ride. Approx. 2 hours.

Finish at clubhouse at approx. 11am.


Change– Eat– Hang out— then


Kidicall mass ride Noon at Armory Park.



Sunday– Power test on Mt Lemmon.  9am start


This is a critical day of training. I want everyone present and I want everyone to have their devices ready to go. Everyone who has a heart rate monitor or power meter please have it ready to go. If you need help please ask. Anybody who has one, I really need you to have it. Please ask early for help as well. Not on the morning of, or on Saturday. Ask me early for help.


This power test will set our training parameters for the months to come.


Even if you are not into racing this is a valuable tool. It will help you understand who you are and what you can do. Then it will allow you to test yourself. No matter your goals I want everyone to have the courage to push themselves to new limits and to find special things out about themselves. That is what we are all about– self discovery, and that usually happens when the going gets tough.



Question: What are we all about?


Real Bike Racing:



18 Responses to “Now we rest”

  1. Jessica and. Ron

    Great blog! Self discovery is what El Grupo is all about! Thank you!

  2. Ana

    Although self descovery is a good answer. I feel as if Nirvana is more acceptable in this
    Also, I will not be able to attend practice on Wednesdays due to school clubs

  3. Nick

    I could just say self descovery. But it’s not only about that. It is in the long term. What we put ourselves through at the time and moments that count. It’s a fealing that is something totally deferent. It’s worth somthing deferent to each rider. It’s what will help you through life later on. Knowing what you can take and handle when the moments are present.

  4. Izzie

    Self discovery. And that happens through pushing us to our limits and getting stronger

  5. Chuck

    The continuation of a life’s ambition to rejoice in the zen that bicycling empowers in our lives.

  6. Cara

    – self discovery, and that usually happens when the going gets tough.

  7. bean

    Self discovery. I can’t make the Saturday ride, but I’ll be at kidical, and am planning on doing a 2 hour ride later on