May the road racing season begin.


We are doing this time trial as a preparatory race for Valley. We are going out to ensure our bikes work, we like them, we like our warm up, we can get in the right head space. All the little things that add up to having great confidence for the big race to come.


Sunday the 25th is the event and it takes place in Picacho Peak


Unai, Madison, Chloe, Isabel, Cara, Kyle, Leo, Nick, Tyler, Nelson in that order go off first starting at 9:22am


Daniel, Keenan, Ben, Christian then go off starting a few minutes later.


Schedule of Race

Leave Headquarters at 7:15am

Arrive on site at approx. 8am


1st rider off at 9:22am

Last rider off at 9:39am


Leave Venue at approx. 11am


Back in Town by noon to get ready for the Sponsor Appreciation event


Be smart bring a change of clothes and I will have some snacks for after the event, but bring a lunch if you can.


Zayk and Max Cronyn I need to sign you guys up.


If anybody has a trainer at their house they can bring, please do so.


Start watching at 31:15. Yes its the best. If you did not watch it before, watch it now. So Good!! Watch until the end of the time trial


One Response to “Race Against Time Time Trial”

  1. Nelson

    Love the narrative during the TT – those are some of the best cycling quotes ever. Cronyns will leave for Picacho from Stone & Limberlost @ 7:20 with room for one additional rider/bike.