Yes it will be cold. So what. Dress for it and toughen up. If we never deal with the hard stuff now, how will we be able to do it in the future, or in school, or work, or life when things get hard? Yes I expect everyone to be there and to have a great fun day. I have also bought extra food for after. Dress appropriately and it will be no problem.


If you make excuses as to why you can’t, then know it is fuel for me to make excuses of why you can’t go to some races. Prove to me that you want to be part of this.


Old Man–7:15am, with Helmet Peak

Big Boy– 7:30am, with Madera

C Team– 7:30am 3 hours  of fun


Sunday– Kitt Peak Adventure


Meet at Clubhouse at 8am


A+ B team leaving the clubhouse at 8:30am sharp. We will ride all the way there and up and then back to three points. Approx. 90 miles.


C Team meet at the clubhouse at 8:30am.

Leave in the van at 9am.

Drive to three points.

Ride from there to top of Mountain and back.

Approx. 60- miles.


We should be back at the clubhouse at approx. 3pm.


Please ask necessary questions in the comments so that everyone is on the same page.


Oh and Hopkins will go down as one of the greatest rides ever:




10 Responses to “Saturday and Sunday”

  1. Michelle

    Warm feet idea….I cut a hole in the bottom of an old pair of wool socks for my cleats and then layered some plastic under a shoe cover.
    keeping the sock whole and pulling it over whole shoe seemed to work the best for keeping the whole foot warm. Will find out tomorrow
    Let’s have fun in the cold!

  2. Daniela

    Alright Ana. The best way to combat the cold is with a good attitude. Also another idea is to cut a plastic bag to put over your toes. Put your sock on, then the plastic bag, then shoes.

  3. Tyler

    I will be riding back in from three points on Sunday via Gates Pass if anyone is interested.