Hard work is hard. Believing  in your self is hard. Pushing your self is hard. Striving for great goals is hard.


Life is Hard.


El Grupo is life prep. If you can believe in the small goal of rocking a cycling goal as a youth, you will believe you can achieve the job of your dreams.


That is what I see my job as. I see a clear correlation between believing in yourself on the bike and believing in yourself in life. I have great belief in everyone of you and I will continue to do so. I will always, and will continue to believe, that you all have the capacity to be great in any life en-devour.


Practice is going to be hard this week. Last week was hard and now we are going to do it again. Yes it will be hard, but I promise, we can all do it, and we will be tougher for it, and more prepared for life.


I challenge all of you to believe in your own self greatness. This week is a money maker for the season. You can do it.


Practice Schedule:


Tuesday: 5 x 3 min VO2 max intervals.


Wednesday: 5 x 3 min VO2 max intervals

3:45 and 4:30 pm starts


Thursday: Crit Skills ABC all together. Learning from your peers


Saturday: 7:15 Old Man with Helmet

7:30 Big Boy with Helmet

C Team 7:30


Sunday: Valley Riders we have a time trial to do in Picacho Peak. I will post more information about this tomorrow.


Also if you are a Valley rider, please let me know if you can attend. I highly recommend it.


24 Hour riders MTB ride starting at 8am from the Clubhouse, SHARP leaving time.


Also Sunday is the Sponsor Appreciation event. EVERYONE is expected to attend. Event starts at 3pm, so I want everyone there at 2:30pm. Be dressed in casual formal attire and please be up to date with all the sponsors, they will all be on hand and you want to know who and what they are.



Santa Catalina Omnium 

This is a two day race that will take place next weekend, January 31st and February 1st. It is a crit here in town, and then a road race that starts in Oracle. More information about it can be found here: http://arizonareg.com/flyers/181.pdf.


Please post about which if any of the races that you would like to do. I will be encouraging and speaking with many of you about it as well.


I will always ask you to challenge yourself, if I did not, I would not want you to call me coach.



At  4 min into the video there is a perfect example of life is hard, but how you deal with it is the most important. They did what they had to do to solve the problem. All problems do not get solved the same way.


And then please watch the finishing interviews. Races, life and love don’t always go as planned, but you have to be tough enough to move forward and onward.



9 Responses to “Week of January 19thS”

  1. Collin Hanes

    This week sounds good. Is it possible to do both of those races.

  2. Madison

    I’m ready to go hard and do my very best! I have to see whitch race I can do.

  3. Unai

    Will do, Coach!
    I can’t make it today, but I will be there tomorrow and thursday.

  4. Zayk

    I would like to do the time trial this weekend and I would like to do both races in the Omnium. Thank you

  5. kyyyylllleee

    I will do race against time TT, crit and oracle RR. Chuck will do the TT and both omnium races. Michelle will do both races in Omnium.

  6. Quinn

    I cannot come to the sponsor appreciation event because of a family thing, but i will stay up to date with the sponsors.