Training Schedule


Tuesday: Race Tactics Presentation by Lou Waugaman. Lou is a Cat 1 racer and strong supporter of the team. Before the first races of the season I thought it would be great to have him come in. Should be a great presentation – including his “5-4-3-2-1 Methodology of Attacking!”  We will also have a team rider meeting at the start. Please everyone come.


Wednesday: Crit Course Fun. 3:45 and 4:30


Thursday: ABC team ride


This is a rest week with some openers.


Race Against Time Results


I put the training schedule first this week as the more young folks I ask, the more I learn that no one reads what I have to say.


Even when I ask questions for answers to be posted, I have learned that most just look into the comments and then just copy.


I remember high school and I remember being a teen, and so these actions do not surprise me.


However lucky enough for me I have grown to learn that the details in life are what make the big picture possible. That it’s the little things that make it beautiful and special.  And its the little things that allow us to succeed.


The longer I coach, the more I learn, the more I have to learn. Life is learning and a life worth living will allow you to continue to learn the whole way through.


The moment you stop learning or feel as though you know something for certain, you pigeon hole yourself to that moments knowledge.


Imagine if a coach from the 70’s decided that they knew everything and decided to stop learning about their craft.


Imagine if a doctor decided they know everything and stopped learning.


How would we progress?


I will have confidence in what I know, and I will continue to push myself to learn more.


I challenge all of you to allow yourselves to continue to learn, to accept your mistakes, own them, and then improve on yourself.

8 Responses to “Week of January the 26th”

  1. Sam Alexander

    I apologize for not reading the blog punctually. Ignacio and other coaches, Thanks for being there as somebody who can try to, not only put up with our teenager actions, but to actually help us work through them and let us become better people. I am glad to have coaches like you. To answer the question, we would not progress. Though we still may need the guiding hand (that is both kind and harsh) be it from coaches, to even the other athletes, we need to believe in ourselves and the others surrounding us. I need to learn from this too and need to live by these words. It is a difficult path and I am glad to have all of you to help guide me. Thank you everyone.

  2. Chuck

    Well said… I am learning something new about el Groupo, cycling, and myself with each practice i attend. Thank you.

  3. Izzie

    Everybody needs to have an open mind set. We need to be willing to learn, and willing to try something new. If we aren’t, then we would never be able to go forward, do great things, or even improve lives of ourselves and those of others.

  4. madison

    evreyone has there up and down weeks iv had them a lot. during the time trial i thought to myself ya im the first to go for el grupo, ya chole is behind me , ya she migh chatch me , but that didnt mean that i would just let her go withoout a fight. i went to that time trial scared and came out proud of what i did. And i learned that i hav a coach that will never give up on me! Thank You for giving me an opportunity to be my best and always learning to be a safe and fun rider on the road!

  5. Kyle

    It is human nature to always be learning new things and ideas. But, do you accept them? Because it is also human nature to be set in ones way.

  6. Quinn Agnew

    Learning racing tactics will be a valuable experience for me because I tend to have a deficiency in them.

  7. Steve Bohn

    Excellent post coach…even at the “distinguished” young age of 61 I learn something everyday about my profession, my kids/family and the world.
    When I do EG practice there are things I learn and still need to grasp after 35 years of cycling.
    My moto is: Minds are like parachutes, if they are not open, they do not work.