I apologize for this very delayed post. Work got the better of me this week.


Most of you should have received the newsletter that Daniela sent, so you should have an idea of what to expect this weekend.


hard work+ good attitude= HAPPY


This week we are trying to take the fitness bump from the first race of the year and the VO2 work that we did earlier to push our Lactate Threshold, LT,  up a bit. LT is very trainable and our goal is to get our LT as close to our vo2 as possible. So this week we are going to try and push LT up a bit. This is great training for the 24 hour race and Valley.


We of course need to make sure that we are rested enough to perform such work, so that we are not digging ourselves into the hole too much.


Training Plan and Out reach


Thursday– Endurance bike ride


Saturday– Old Man 7:15am

Big Boy 7:30am

C Team 7:30am


Kidical Mass on Saturday. Bring a change of clothes, then after the ride we will eat at the house, and head down to South Tucson. This is mandatory. If there are a lot of us, then that is great. It makes a difference. We are more than just a good bike team.


Sunday– 24 hour rider MTB ride. 8am start

Valley riders. Mt Lemmon 8am start


There are always things in life that we will need to work on. No matter if they are our strengths or weaknesses. Life is perpetual self improvement.


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  1. Steve Bohn

    Sorry to miss you all this Thursday but busy day at work is keeping me from practice. 🙁