My mother used to always tell me that your education is something that nobody can ever take away. She grew up in a different land and time than we have, but her statement rings so true.


In our time, the statement I would make is: your experiences are what nobody can ever take away.


So much of our world now revolves around and emphasizes the material items. We think about what phone we want next, the jeans we want to buy, the car, bike, wheels, derailluers, but at the end of the day you will not remember those items.


You will remember the friends, the moments, the races, the trips, the experiences. These will make you who you are, and will be what you remember.


It’s hard for us to realize this in the moment. So slow down, now or sometime soon, and take it all in.


Just as Ana did this past weekend. On Saturday she had every reason to not ask more of herself. She got dropped on the shoot out. Then she got dropped coming back into town on Mission. I did not see her most of the ride. When did I see her? When I was heading down A mountain after everyone had come up. There she was with Shawn working her butt off coming up the hill.


I was so proud to see her there. Knowing that she was proud enough to continue challenging herself. Watch out folks. It’s that fire that I hope you all have!


Thanks ANA!


Training Plan


Last week, during the week, should have been chill; while over the weekend, we should have stepped it up a bit. We are going to continue with the step up trajectory, and think of this week as a week 2 in a 3 week build.


Yes, we have a race this weekend and maybe 2. However, they are training races. We are looking forward to bigger fish and will use these to hone our skills.


This week we are looking to take the speed we have and make it count for longer hauls.


Tuesday: 4x 8min LT hills


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30 starts

4x 10 LT flat. If you have a TT bike, and you want to use it, this is the time.


Thursday: 2 options


Go for a road ride or a mountain ride, with your friends or parents. Just go have fun with your bikes whenever you like on your vacation day and do it with a loved one or friend.


Weekend: Much more information to come, as we have races to make arrangements for.




9 Responses to “Experiences”

  1. Madison

    I will not be there tomorrow due to track and I will be 100% ready for the races this weekend!!

  2. Ana

    Thanks for that shoutout! This weekend was definately something. Im super excited for the races this weekend!!

  3. Susie

    I am super excited for the weekend and sounds like a good week. Great job Ana as a yonger rider we need people to look up to like you, you pushed yourself when it was hard and did not stop when it hurt. So good job! 🙂

  4. Nick

    Ignacio–Do you need any transportation assistance for Saturday? I have space for 5 more people and can transit 4 bikes total.

  5. Izzie

    Hay guys! Can’t wait for the race(s)! And awesome job Ana! We need more people in the world like you. Let’s all look forward to kicking some butt this weekend!

  6. chuck

    Why do I have the feeling we don’t know what the division of labor is for this Thursday… I’ll bring my MTB. ; )