Training Plan


All week is about getting and being ready for the weekend.


To do so many of us need different workouts, so I am going to do my best to have different rides each day with different intents.


Wednesday Specials:


3:45 to 4:30pm National Champion Time Trialist Nelson Cronyn will be giving a presentation.


Then at 4:30 Womens Canadian Professional Road team will be leading a girls only ride. 


For the most part though we are going to go on chill rides and then each of you can do the openers that you feel you need to do to feel ready.


Also all of you have received emails in regards to the races this weekend. Please read them carefully and respond to them, so everyone has what they need to have a good time.


Preparation is three parts: mental, emotional, and physical. Leave no stone un turned. Prepare holistically, sleep well, be hydrated and get excited.


Control all controllables all week.

4 Responses to “Here we go”

  1. Madison

    IM READY!!! I excited and nervous all at the same time lest get this race started