What an incredible weekend. There is so much to say and so many achievements, but most of all what I hope happens after we achieve and reach goals is that we have the courage to look forward to the next and to strive for the next step, or to find the next level of progression. Yes we need to rightfully smile and appreciate our achievements, but the next step is to have the courage to dream again.


Of course, I was at Valley and I could not be happier with how our team and youth preformed. I could highlight the great finishes, from Daniel winning the three’s crit with perfect teamwork from Keenan and Max, or Nicks 6th place in the time trial, or Madison’s 5th place in the crit or Isabels 7th in the road race, but it was the ability to turn around after frustrating performances to try again that I am most proud of.


I can tell this story for so many, but let me highlight two.


Chloe has struggled with time trials for a while. She has never been able to tap her great potential in them. This one was no different for her. She returned after her race in tears, frustrated. She took a long cool down and was ok afterwards and enjoyed her friends. The next day she could have wilted and quite and not tried. Did she? Heck no. She came  back, trusted herself, and placed 7th in the 3’s field while racing professional women.


It’s ok to get frustrated, it means you want more, but you have to turn it into positive drive. Thanks for the lesson Chloe.


Tyler had this as well this weekend, wanting the road race so bad, the cards did not fall his way, so he decided to come back in the crit and get 4th.


Kyle had the same reaction to the road race. In tears after the race, he arrived not defeated, but motivated to show more and he did in the crit.


Isabel made the decision to be a bike racer as did Madison and I now have different young women to coach now forever. They learned things about themselves that can only be learned when you believe in your self to be great.


This all happened in three days. This team is now different in all the right ways.


Thank you. I hear that the 24 was no different, and we would love to hear stories from that, as well. Thank you to all the parents, coaches and volunteers who made that possible.


These are the reasons I coach.


What Next?


In 4 weeks is TBC. Our next great goal. Its our home town stage race and I want us all super ready to have fun.


The training plan will be built to excel there, so every race from here to there will be built into the training plan as a training race.


This week ( Week 1 in build) 


Tuesday– Everyone who raced must be present tomorrow to help put everything away from the weekends. If we are all around, then we can go on a one hour recovery ride after.


Wednesday– Endurance ride


Thursday– Endurance Ride.


We should be recovered by now, after Thursday. Nothing will be hard. I want to keep you moving, but nothing intense, I want us recovered for the weekend.


Saturday– Shoot Out with extra


Sunday– Colossal Cave road ride or Mountain bike ride. This is a special event with more information to come.


The plan is to build for the next three weeks, so we can then taper into TBC.


After TBC we then have a week to recover and then build to San Dimas.


Oh Boy, its race season.




8 Responses to “Progression”

  1. Madison

    Thanks for the shot out I really wanted it in the crit. But in the road race it was a different story. When I hit the first lap I felt sting and said to myself I got this and the hill hit it was tough but I made it. The second time around I hit that hill again and had it and droped I tried so hard to keep back up but I couldnt I tried to get back on with another group and got left so I tried the rest of the way all I wanted to do then was just give up and just peddle in. I was hurting so bad. But then I thought if Ignacio was here right now he would yell and holler at me like no tomorrow and I thought again. The night before he said “tomorrow is going to be hard we are also racing for ill kids in the hospital” that changed my whole giving up thing I raced to try to catch the group in fount of me and thought im going to Finnish this race for the kids that wish they were me. At the final strich I was racing to the finish sat down and raised the beads Ignacio gave to us to hold during that race. And I thought to myself I did it I finished I did something that no girl like me would ever do and I was proud to cross that line no matter What the place was and I owe it all to my great fantastic coach! Thanks ignocia for putting up with me for these aswsome two years

  2. Ana

    This weekend was great! Everyone who helped out at the 24HOP was truly amazing and it could not have run smoother than it did. It was great to see first-time racers go out and have the best laps ever!! On my last lap, I went out at 12:57, having the option to not do the lap and have Colin wait until 12. But I took the challenge of getting a fourth lap in. And it was worth it. I was tired and at one point I hit that point where you are pedaling because that is what you have been doing for the past hour. Then I told myself that I was near the end and got myself together again and just went for it, using the rest of my energy for the last bit. Reaching the finish line was a great moment. Evey teammate, parent and coach was there waiting for me and cheering me on. I could not be happier after this weekend!

  3. Chuck

    I want to Shout Out the 24HOP gang. I rode the last lap of the day for the Fair Wheel team and as I reached the Wiskey tree a tremendous outcry rang out from the el Grupo team cheering me on. It felt awesome and I was so honored. Thank you all very much!

  4. Izzie

    Bravo to everybody! We all did so well, and tried so hard. Thank you to the parents at the 24 hour race. Everything went so smooth, and I am so ready to do another race! Thanks and good job to everybody!

  5. Jeremy Jonas

    At the 24 HOP I saw Leila, Genea, Colin, Matthew, Sam and Ana shredding out on the course!
    I was so proud to ride alongside Matthew for a little while, passing several people with him. I also saw Genea blaze through a short techy section with total proficiency! I was incredibly proud and amazed by all the Grupo riders I saw out at the race, and honored to share in the El Grupo spirit out there. Congrats to everyone and I can’t wait to hear details about Valley.
    Mister Honas

  6. Susie

    Hi Ignacio
    I am sorry for telling you this an hour late but I am not be at practice today because my mouth is sore from getting my braces on, again I am sorry for telling you this late.
    Thanks and have a good evening,Susie.

  7. Samuel Alexander

    I really enjoyed myself at 24 and we all did a good job. I felt that I was more confident than I ever have before. Just as an FYI, in theatre class I received a minor concussion due to a stage combat accident. I will be back to practice on Sunday at the earliest.