We are human. We are upright. We are beautifully, uniquely our own Self. We are meant to fail at any given turn for that is how we Rise Higher. Take the time to understand our voluntary athletic suffering and we may be able to contemplate and amplify our Higher spiritual intentions to become better in the process and in turn understand our Wholeness; become our own medicine man….


Steve Ilg. Always learning, questioning, and striving to be the best. I as a coach always look over my training plans, over and over to make them the best they can be.


Sunday Update: 

No structured practice.


Why because I want us fresh and ready to go next weekend, and I have seen and heard from almost all of you that you are still very tired from the last few weeks.


Also Saturday is going to be a long day and you are all going to be gone next weekend, so take a day to chill at home.


If you can get on an easy ride to spin the legs out maybe with family.


Resting is when we get strongest and next weekend we want to be at the height of our powers.


3 Responses to “Sunday Update”

  1. Gaby

    Not quite sure what most of this means… cycling terms, not philosophy 🙂
    Greg will be there tomorrow, Tuesday, at 4:30, code of conduct and helmet in hand. Let me know if he needs anything else to begin.
    Thanks and have a great week.