February 21st 


Old Man– 7:15am


Big Boy– 7:30am


I encourage all who do this ride to either do the whole ride if you sometimes don’t, and if you do, then choose some extra if you can. Madera or Helmet Peak. If you do Helmet peak please also put in an A Mountain at the end.


C Team– 7:30am start Veronique and Morgan will be the coaches. All new riders are welcomed and encouraged to come.


All riders are encouraged to come to the house after for Burritos. BRING YOUR BEADS of Courage if you have not turned them in yet, please! We want everyone to plan on staying for breakfast to share your stories from last weekend with your teammates.


February 22nd 


Damion has organized a special trip to the Arizona Trail. This is a mountain bike ride that will start at Colossal Cave. Anyone who would like to go is encouraged. Please post here if you would like to go so we can take a head count. Also Damion has organized a catered lunch out there by AZ Trail Association.


If you are going to mtb, plan for a long day.

Leave the clubhouse at 7:30am.

Drive to Colossal cave arrive by 9am.

Ride till Noon. Eat lunch and return.


Parents are welcome!!


Sunday 22nd Road Ride


Leave clubhouse at 7:30am. Ride to Pistol Hill to recon next weekends road race. Solid tempo ride. A+B teams. Optional: after a few laps you could meet the rest of the group for lunch around 12 before riding back in or get a ride in.



Southern Arizona Omnuim. 


Next weekend there is a two day race. Information here: https://arizonareg.com/viewevent.php?EC=196


Please let me know if you want to race (and which days), and then we will find the best group to race with.



15 Responses to “Weekend of February 21st and 22nd”

  1. Unai

    I would like to go on the Sunday MTB ride.
    I would also like to race the road race in the omnium.

  2. Collin Hanes

    I won’t be in town for this race as my family and I will be in San francisco for my moms birthday

  3. Kyle

    I’ll be riding to the trailhead tomorrow. And want to do the 4s the next weekend. Anyone want to join me for a road ride to the trailhead?

  4. Zayk

    I would like to do both the time trial and road race in the juniors 9 – 12 omnium. Thank you.