If you are riding the time trial:


Please be at the clubhouse at 7:30am.


You will leave the clubhouse at 8am and arrive on site at 9am.


This will be give more than 2 hours before your start, which should be enough time to do everything well, with no rushing.


Nick King, Judith and maybe one more parent will be heading up.


I, Ignacio, will do my best tomorrow to pack the trailer, so all you have to do is put your bike and bag in. I will pack water, snacks, and drink mix.


Feel free to bring a sack lunch with you as well.



If you are not racing: 


3 ride options–

Old Man shoot out– 7:15am ride as much as you like.


Big Boy– 7:30am start


C Team– 7:30am start




Juniors and Cat 4 women– Your race start is at 7:30 am so we will have a crazy early morning.


Leave clubhouse at 5am.

Arrive on site at 6am.

Race at 7:30am.


There should be driver to then take you guys home afterwards.


Men cat 1-4 and Women 1-3 


Arrive at 7:30am

Leave the clubhouse at 8am

Arrive on site 9am.



All riders in this field, please be prepared to ride home after the race. Yes ride home. This is a training race for the bigger goals to come. Everyone will ride home or to the clubhouse. Also I will have snacks but bring a lunch so after the race you can eat before the ride home.








2 Responses to “Weekends Information”

  1. Ana

    So excited!!
    My mom will be driving up to the races. My car has room for 3 more people to go, but no bikes.