TBC Race Bible link: http://www.tucsonbicycleclassic.com/2015Files/TBC_TechnicalGuide-2015.pdf


In the race bible you can find all the information you need.


Please remember to print out and have your parents sign the release form if you are a junior. I will have some hard copies if needed as well. https://www.usacycling.org/myusac/index.php?pagename=pdfwaiver&type=riderrelease&compid=


Friday Time Trial: 

Warm Up location is Old Tucson Studios, and this is where I want you to meet.

Daniela, Chloe, Madison, Cara, Michelle, Isabel, Sam Andrade, Genea and Leila.


You all need to be on location at 10am.

Van will be leaving the clubhouse at 9:30am sharp.


Start times are located here: http://www.tucsonbicycleclassic.com/2015files/TT%20Start%20List.pdf


You all should be back at the clubhouse at 2pm.


Next wave of Friday Riders:

Unai, Quinn, Ana, Izzy, Susie, Zayk, Matt, Hanes, Sam Alexander


You all need to be on location at noon.

A Van will leave the clubhouse at 11:30am sharp.


Avery and Kyle you should be on location at 1pm. Kyle can you drive the two of you, and maybe two others and bikes?


That means you guys leave downtown at 12:30pm.


Cat 3 racers: You should be on location at 1pm. Harris family is it possible for you to be ready to drive out there?


So between Kyle’s car and the Harris car we have enough seats for all who want a ride.


Cat 2 Racers: You should be on location at 1:30pm. Tyler your start time is 4pm, Ben’s is 4:15pm. Jim Stites can you drive them home?



Please bring food with you to the race. Before and after race stuff. We will have snacks, but always good to bring things you know you like.


Saturday Logistics: 


Women Cat 3, 4 and All Juniors.


Please be in Green Valley at 6am.


That means you need to leave the clubhouse at 5am.


Shawn and Veronique will you guys be attending? Would be awesome if you could.


After your race you guys will be able to come straight home. Please again bring food with you.


Also remember then to recover hard, eat really well, and get to bed early.


All Male Category Racers: 


We should be in Green Valley at 7:30 am. That gives us an hour and half to prepare and sign in.


Lets leave the clubhouse at 6:30am.



Sunday Logistics: 


Please bring a change of clothes to this race. As we will all be staying to watch our teammates race after us. Also food!!!


We are all riding to the start as well so dress appropriately in the morning.


Women 3 and 4 . You need to be on location at 6:00 am ish. That means you should be leaving the clubhouse at 5:30am.


Juniors and Cat 4 men we need to be on location at 8am. So we need to leave the clubhouse at 7:30am.


Women 2, Men 2 and 3 please be on location at 9am. So leave the clubhouse at 8:30am.




There will more small notes to come as the weekend progresses. Please keep up to date.




10 Responses to “TBC Logistics”

  1. Ana

    My mom gets out of work in the UofA at noon tomorrow. She can take anyone up to the race if it is needed. The only thing is that we don’t have a bike a rack. Please let me know if you need a ride. My number is (520) 461-0967

    Also, my family helps out at a breakfast on Sunday near the race. If anyone wants a burrito (vegiterian, chorizo, or bacon) let me know so we can bring anyone food 🙂

  2. Susie

    I would love to work in the feed zones this weekend if needed!

  3. Nelson

    Zayk and Avery will go straight from school to the registration area at Old Tucson studios. Zayk will be at registration by noon, warming up and riding to the start with me, Avery will be at registration by 1:15.

  4. Jessica and. Ron

    I will be at the clubhouse by 12:30 to take up to 5 people and 4 bikes

  5. Susie

    I mistakenly took home someones fi’zi:k saddle bag home so if it is yours please tell me.