Finally the end of three weeks of really hard training. If you are tired right now, then bravo, you trusted yourself enough to try really hard for three weeks. Its these training blocks that make you tough. You should all be proud if you had the courage to go through with it. Yes it was hard, but the pay off is coming.


This will be a heavy rest week. We want to be rested and excited to race this weekend.


Rest happens all around you as well. Go to bed early if you can this week, be mindful of hydration, eat really well. GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE ON TIME, do all that you can to keep stress at a minimum this week.


Training Plan:


Tuesday: Recovery Ride


Wednesday: 4:30 only. Vans will be leaving to drive everyone to McCains Loop. We will do a practice run of the course. This will be our opener.


Thursday: Recovery ride with openers if you want them.



FRIDAY: TBC time trial. I will have more information to come on this and for the weekend.

4 Responses to “TBC week”

  1. Susie

    HI Igancio,
    I will not be at practice tomarrow because I have an important project due this week that I want to improve so I wont be able to make it but I will do a recovery ride on my own.
    Thanks Susie

  2. Ana

    So ready for the rest week! Super excited to race this weekend!!! I WILL be at practice on Thursday!

  3. Steve Bohn

    Hey Everyone:
    I wish ALL of you the best of luck this weekend in the awesome and challenging 29th annual TBC. For those who are racing, give it your best and I hope to see you on the podiums. PLEASE remember that El Grupo is one of the 3 supporting USAC clubs that helps organize and run the TBC and as a supporting club, it is your responsibility to help with the event. Even if you are racing, you can certainly find tasks to volunteer for the race such as wheel slinging in a support car (best view of the race!), corner marshall, helping the volunteer coordinators and helping tear down after the race on Sunday. Not asking everyone to work every day, just to help out when you can please. Check with the volunteer link to view some tasks: