This is a week 3 in a build process. This is a money making week. If we are able to ride proud and train hard through this week we will then have time to rest for TBC, so we can be ready to rock.


This is a tough week, so everyone be prepared to be great.


I will write a reflection and my thoughts about this weekend tomorrow, but I wanted to get this up tonight for our GREAT VOLUNTEER COACHES!!


Tuesday– 4 x 8 LT intervals. Hilly


Wednesday– 3:45 group with TT bikes if you have them to McCains loop

4:30 group. TBC Circuit laps every up hill hard. Anklam and the sprint


Thursday– Two ride options.

MTB at Barrio Trails. Only if you did one set of intervals over the week.

Road Endurance ride most likely TBC circuit laps.


Saturday– Shoot Outs times have changed.

Old Man 6:45 am

Big Boy 7am

C Team 7:15

I encourage all to do extra.


Sunday– Two ride options.


MTB 7:30am start

Road ride to McCains for TT practice 7:30am start


11 Responses to “Training plan for the upcoming week”

  1. Madison

    I’m ready for the TBC Im sorry i missed today’s race sounds like you all were getting to ur goals!

  2. Nelson

    Where will Tuesday’s hilly LT intervals be? On Saturday I am planning to peel off of the OM Shootout on the way out at Helmet and do the TBC road race course 2x. Happy to have company.

  3. Sam Alexander

    I have a choir concert on Teusday, but I will attend Thursday and hopefully Wednesday. Really exited to be back on the bike

  4. Izzie

    Hay Ignacio. I won’t make it to the ride today (Tuesday), I was sent home from school sick. I will be there tomorrow. The training plan sounds fun!

  5. Drew

    Coach Drew will be at 4:30p practice Wednesday, Coach Matt will be at 3:45

  6. Avery

    I was sick yesterday (Wednesday) and on Tuesday i had homework, but id still really like to do the Barrio trails ride on thursday