What a big weekend we just had. Almost all team members left Tucson to ride their bikes. Kind of crazy to imagine the capacity we have.


Thank you to everyone who  helped make it all happen. This is a big family and we can’t do it without everyone’s support, THANK YOU!!


San Dimas was adventurous. Its the big leagues and we did the very best we could. We have some great results to boast about and some great lessons learned.


Anytime that we go to an event of this caliber, its so important that we learn everything we can, about ourselves, our friendships, and our spirit. I have confidence that we all learned something new in all realms this past weekend.


Some Results:

Nick Harris 5th place GC cat 3’s

Isabel 10th place GC cat 4’s

Tyler 2nd place Road race Cat 2’s

Christian Santa Cruz Climbers jerseys winner cat 2’s

Chloe 10th place cat 3 road race.


Not a bad weekend of results but more importantly we all left with new lessons learned.


Now we look ahead to prepare for the Crit Championships, Whiskey and Gila.


Crit champs is not this weekend but next.

Whiskey is the 25th of April and Gila starts the 29th.


This week we are going to use as a prep week for the work to come.

After this week we are going to start a three week build for Whiskey and Gila.

This week is a prep, and recover week.


Training Plan:

Tuesday: Skills at the Park, no spandies

or: Endurance Road ride.


Wednesday: 3:45 MTB ride or Endurance road ride

4:30 MTB ride.

MTB rides are to Starr Pass


Thursday: 4:30 MTB ride to Grupo Lupo at Starr Pass

or Endurance Road Ride


Saturday: Scavenger Hunt. Mandatory. 10am start. SHARP 10am

You may ride to the bridge and back on the Shoot out if you need.


Easter Sunday: I will post an idea I have later. Also this will be totally optional.



Whiskey Want to be riders:


After last weeks coaches meeting we all agreed upon a level of participation requirement to attend the race. This is based off of what the coaches thought was needed to enjoy the event.


There are two mandatory Sunday rides left the 12th and 19th of April, you must make both of these. They will be long and climby just like Whiskey.


There are two Saturday rides left, you must make at the very least one of them.


There are 4 Wednesday practices left you must make at least 3 of them.


There are 8 Tuesday and Thursday practices left, you must make 6 of them.


This level of training is what the coaches thought would be needed to enjoy the event. Whiskey is really hard and if you are not ready it is miserable. So for your own sake the coaches came up with these parameters.


WE will be strict!!


Rubbin is Racing


7 Responses to “Week of April 30th”

  1. Collins hanes

    We should do a skills at the park tomorrow and endurance rides the rest of the week.

  2. Madison

    What about the Sunday Crit championships on Sunday the 12th for whisky wannabes? I would like to do both.

  3. Quinn

    I won’t be able to be a coach today, Wednesday. (unless this really throws a wrench in the works, in which case I could come. If so call me at 5O3-41O-2589.) Sorry for the late notice. Have fun.

  4. Drew

    Drew will be on 3:45 MTB today (Wednesday), Matt will be on 4:30.

  5. Steve Bohn

    MTB on Thursday – count me in. Plus I am bringing some water bottles left over from the TBC..