Congratulations everyone on a brilliant TBC weekend. We have so many results to be proud of, efforts to cheer, and sportsmanship to respect. Thank you team.


Thank you parents, coaches, and supporters as well for your tireless support. There is no way this team could function without you and I am so humbled by the support. THANK YOU!!!


After all this hard training and emotional output for this race its time we enjoy Sprng Break.


Please read carefully below as there is a lot of information I am going to give.


Training Plan


Clearly our form is coming together as a team and we are starting to hit our stride. We want to hold this form and touch it up a bit before more fun to come. To do that we first have to rest and let the hard racing soak in.


This week will be an endurance/ rest week. That means not hard, but active, as next week we are going to use it as a build week into another great racing weekend.


Monday and Tuesday— OFF — Rest. If you must ride, then go on a recovery ride with a friend. Or just ride to a coffee shop with them, or to the movies or the book store. But nothing serious at all. Just go out for a spin and pick your head up and enjoy the beauty.


Wednesday— There will be  coached afternoon workouts. 3:45 and 4:30pm rides. These will be endurance rides. So like 60% rides. Not hard but just get out and roll. No intervals, just a good ride with friends.


Coaches as for the Wednesday ride if you want to make the afternoon practice mountain bike rides, that is a great idea. You could go to Starr Pass and do a real ride. Youth if you like this idea then please post and say so, so coaches know what to plan for.


Older riders if you would prefer to get together and ride in the morning and not wait until the afternoon that is just fine. Same intent on the ride though. Please communicate with everyone what you plan on doing so others might join. Mt Lemmon might be a great option. Please post on the blog.


Thursday— Endurance ride. Afternoon practice at 4:30pm. Coaches this can be MTB as well. Maybe Pima West.


Again older riders, if you wish to ride in the AM that is just fine. Please just post. 2 hours would be solid.


Friday— Off


By now you should be recovered and rested and excited to have a good weekend. You had 3 of 5 days off and then easy, friendly rides in between, so everyone should be ready for a good weekend.


Saturday— Old Man– 6:45 am start. Come back up Helmet.

Big Boy– 7am start. Helmet and Gates please.

C Team– 7:15 am start.


Sunday— South West Hand Team ride. All are expected. More details to come.



Next week we will have a build week into another weekend of fun riding.


San Dimas riders we will be leaving Thursday after school on the 26th.


All others you are being invited to a two day trip to Duncan Arizona to ride in a Fondo. The high school gym will be open to us and we will be able to sleep there on Friday and Saturday as we then ride beautiful rides over the weekend. Its not a racing weekend, just a weekend of beautiful big rides. More information to come on this, but I wanted everyone to be able to put it on their radar.


21 Responses to “Week of March 16th”

  1. Quinn

    im out town week but i might be able to make the sunday ride

  2. Izzie

    MTB THURSDAY!!!!! That being said, I would love to do MTBing on Thursday.

  3. Keenan

    On wednesday, a few of us will be riding at 8 am for several hours over to Mt. Lemmon to do a practice San Dimas TT. Milepost 0.5 – 5 real hard.
    I’m riding on thursday in the morning as well.

  4. Leila

    I will be out of town but will be back for the Saturday and Sunday rides

  5. Drew

    Sounds like most people want to ride MTB Thursday, but if there is interest I’ll bring my MTB for Wednesday practice. Someone let me know! Thanks, Coach Drew

  6. Chloe

    On Wednesday I’m going to go on a mt bike ride to sweet water, will be going to the clubhouse if anyone wants to join me

    • Chloe

      I will be going home directly after though but the way back is pretty explanatory

  7. Drew

    Ok sounds like there is at least some interest in MTB today so that’s what I’m bringing. Shred!

  8. Parris

    Hi all! Congrats on a killer TBC weekend to all. I’ll be swamped this week with work and my MTB is in the shop, so have fun without me! Don’t forget to eat 😉

  9. Steve Bohn

    Kudos to a great effort by all of the EG riders @ the TBC-LOVE seeing everyone giving it your all in competition, raising to new levels and mojo and supporting your teammates. I am so PROUD of what the TBC has become and thankful for the support and effort from the amazing TBC staff, sponsors and riders that make it happen. It is the most stressful, mind-boggeling and exhausting month of my year (for 29 years!) and now I can’t wait to start riding again!

    That being said, I look forward to the Thursday afternoon mtb ride.

  10. Ana

    I will not go to practice today. I am a bit sick and don’t want to get wet again

  11. Madison

    I will not be able to go to practice due to an important test tomorrow