After a week of chill rides and Spring Break hanging out, we should be ready to have a good weekend. I do hope to have fantastic attendance. This weekend will help us get back into the groove.


Saturday– Old Man– 6:45 am start. Come back up Helmet, if you make the whole ride.

If you don’t make the whole ride regroup at Helmet, go down Helmet then back                                              up with the group.

Then everyone finish on top of A Mountain, and try and get your time.



Big Boy– 7am start. Helmet and Gates please.


C Team– 7:15 am start.


All rides end at the clubhouse for donuts and chocolate milk.




South West Hand team ride.


Just like last year we have been invited to ride with the South West hand team. Many of them are great contributor to our team and this is our way to meet many of them and to say thanks. I really hope everyone makes this ride.


The ride will be split into groups based upon speed so nobody should have to worry about that.


The ride will start and end at Joel Thompson’s house. He is a board member.


He will be providing a huge breakfast after the ride and his pool will be open and warm for after the ride. So please bring swim stuff if you like.


The ride is going to leave his house at 8am.


His house is at 5402 North Placito Gatos Montes. This is off of hacienda del sol in between River and Sunrise.


You may meet us there at 7:45am, or you may meet at the clubhouse and ride up there at 7am.


Meet and leave the clubhouse by 7am.


I hope this weekend gets us re-energized for the week to come.



San Dimas Riders– Max, Christian, Ben, Keenan, Daniel, Nick, Leo, Tyler, Kyle, Cara, Isabel, Chloe, Donovan.


You are all invited to this race. Please respond if you want to go. Also we will be leaving Thursday mid day. Not after school, but be sure to have school in a great place.



Duncan Fondo rider–Leila, Samantha, Genea, Hanes, Sam, Matt, Madison, Ana, Kajeme, Susie, Unai, Avery, Izzie, Quinn, Zayk, Walker, Cole.


You are all invited to this two day trip. Please comment if you would like to go. You would leave Friday after school, stay in a gym, and get to ride beautiful rides both Saturday and Sunday.


I hope to hear from all of you and I hope this weekend is fun with GREAT attendance.



11 Responses to “Weekend Up”

  1. Sam Andrade

    I would love to go, but I am leaving town tomorrow through Monday 🙁 Have fun everyone!

  2. Madison

    Ok sounds good thanks for asking about the Duncan ride but I do not want to go

  3. Izzie

    Sunday sounds like a lot of fun, I’ll be there. What time will we be back next Sunday if we go? Thanks, this weekend and next both sound like fun!

  4. Daniela

    It seems that the Duncan trip would just be for Friday and Saturday – back by late Sat evening, rather than Sunday. Hope that helps!