Hill repeats can be done at various locations.


I will take a poll on the days and go from there.


Options are: Front of Gates, Trails End, A Mtn. I think the best is Trails end


Thursday: No MTB. Sorry Chuck. The MTB rides will be on Wednesday. I want to make sure the hard work on Tuesday and Thursday is done really well.


Sunday: Is also the swap meet. We are not going to go all out with baked goods, and I will need some help. We are going to have a lower profile this time around.


If you think you can help please let us know.

7 Responses to “More info for this week”

  1. Madison

    I vote Trails end but I won’t be back till Wednesday. Training the leg back to perfection.

  2. Kyle

    Rumor of an epic ride with my family on Saturday, will let you know.

  3. Collins Hanes

    Trails end sounds good for repeats. I will not be at practice Wednesday. I really want to do the crit Sunday.

  4. Izzie

    Sorry, can’t make it today (Tuesday). I not feeling well, I have really sore throat.