After a long season our big goals are now before us. This is the time when we need to be super mentally tough. Stay strong and focused and know that if you have put in the work that the events will be so fun.


After next weekend we are going to take a nice 2 and half week break. This will allow us to focus on school and our finals so that we can enter summer ready to play. Then coming out of that break and the end of school we will head out for the Luna Lake bike tour which will get us back into action.


This weeks Training Plan:

For those riding Whiskey we are going to be doing openers on all three days to make sure that we and our equipment is ready to go.


Those riding Gila. After two weeks of very high intensity LT work we are now going to get our super speed back by doing some VO2 work. We will do this on Tues and Thurs. with an endurance ride on Wednesday. I don’t want anyone too ┬átired right now. We are trying to sharpen our form.


Over the weekend it’s the shoot out with Helmet for everyone, followed by a recovery ride on Sunday. To be done whenever you can. After that we are going to taper and rest into our big event.


This week is the end of the hard work for the school year. We have three good rides left before our big goal of Gila. So hang in there and finish what you started so long ago. It will be so worth it.




This is to get us on the same page and to get good information out.






Quick week by week Summer Break Down

May 4th to May 20th– off.

May 22nd- 25th Luna Lake Bike tour

May 26th – 31st. Training rides.

Week of June 1st– Bike Camp number 1

week of June 8th– Bike Camp number 2


Weeks of June 1st and 8th– for those riding at Nationals these will be training weeks.

June 7th – 12th– USA cycling road ID camp in Flagstaff. I want to invite quite a few of you.

June 13th- 18th– L’Abitibi Selection Camp. Tyler, Nick and Leo will have the opportunity if they like.


Week of June 15th- Those riding Nationals we continue to ride.

Those not riding Nationals you are off.

Week of June 22nd- Those riding Nationals we are in Lake Tahoe.

Those not riding Nationals are off.

Week of June 29th– Everyone is off.

Week of July 6th– Everyone is off.

Week of July 13th– Cross Training begins

Week of July 20th– Cross Training continues and Bike Camp #3

Week of July 27th– Flagstaff Mountain bike camp.


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  1. Madison

    I will not be able to make it to practice today (Thursdays) due to the sudden increase of homework and test that are due tomorrow