On May 6th we are going to have a mandatory team meeting. I really look forward to seeing everyone together.


At the meeting I am going to take some time to talk about the courageous kids who road at the Whiskey, and to talk about how Tyler was invited to ride with the National team in Europe for three weeks.


For now though I will use this as a time to just get the immediate need to know information across.


Training Schedule:


Tuesday: Lady Gila Riders. Recovery ride or just commute to school and home super easy.

Male Gila Riders. We are in the car and leaving at 3:30pm.

All other riders– No spandies Skills at the park. Trash Can ball world champs.


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30 MTB rides. Coaches choices.


Thursday: A Mtn Time Trial.


This will be stage one in the El Grupo stage race. Shawn and Veronique will be your lead officials for this event. You can only win if you ride all three stages. You can ride any combination of stages as well. You do not have to ride all.


Saturday: Stage 2 of the Race. All racers will ride the Old Man Shoot Out. Yes even if you have never done it. Lets for give a good go. Shawn will be first to the bridge or ahead of most and will take times there.


Ride leaves the clubhouse at 5:45am super sharp.


Avery and Kyle I encourage you to try Madera on this day. Ride the Old Man and then have a fun ride up the beast.


All others collect at the Bridge and then head in via Helmet.


Sunday: Camaro Loop time Trial or Grupo Lupo race. This is at the race directors discretion. This is a Mountain bike event.


Winner of the race gets something really cool.


Have a great week and I will be posting here about our Gila adventures.



11 Responses to “One more for us all”

  1. Ana

    Plan sounds great, but I won’t be able to attend the race on Thursday due to a jazz band concert

  2. Avery

    I lost my toothbrush and id on the trip, if anybody sees them let me know

  3. Drew

    Great job all you Whiskey racers! It was fun seeing you on the Skull Valley descent and around town. Thanks Kajeme for the most motivating cheer at one of the steepest parts of the climb. You all looked great. Anyways, I can’t make practice Wednesday unfortunately because I am booked to use a laboratory at U of A all day. I’d like to come out for the Sunday mtb race and I can help out with organization. Whoever is in charge just let me know where to be when!

  4. Veronique

    Sunday leave the clubhouse by 6:30 sharp. Saturday Shootout: this includes my regular Saturday C team crew. You know who you are. This will be your first experience of the Shootout. Be well-rested and ready for it.

  5. Steve Bohn

    Sorry I cannot help with Thursday practice today due to a last minute deadline issue that I need to deal with this afternoon. I really did want to do TT’s and repeats up A mtn too! I will try and make the mtn ride Sunday. Great job all of the Whiskey riders-it was brutal. Cheers


  6. Unai

    Can’t make it today because of homework, bummed to miss first stage.

  7. Veronique

    Tour de Grupo Stage I. For the girls, Madison is in yellow (8:33) with Izzie in second (0:21) Ripley in third (1:11). Avery looks good in yellow (6:04) with Cole on his heels (:24) and KJ in third (1:26). We have all your individual resuls and will post them at the clubhouse Saturday. morning.

  8. Nelson

    Heading to Silver City early Saturday with Avery, Zayk, and pretty sure Leila as well, so no Shootout for us. Good luck to the TdG riders!