I hope everyone enjoyed the Scavenger hunt!! Thank you to all that helped and participated.


We now look forward to some big goals before us. We want to be ready so these next few weeks are going to be tough ones.


This hard work though will pay off with our ability to then be able to enjoy the races.


Training Plan:


Tuesday– Hill Repeats. Road bikes. 9 of ten efforts.


Wednesday: 3:45 endurance road ride

3:45 MTB ride

4:30 MTB ride


Thursday: Hill Repeats road bikes, 9 of ten efforts.


Friday: Category races the state champ crit races are being held in Mesa on Friday night. If you are interested in going, please comment and maybe we go.


Saturday– Shoot Out

6:15 am Old Man Start

6:30 am C team ride start


Sunday– Junior Category Crit champs and Crit racing in Mesa.

Please let me know if you want to attend. I would like to have many of you race. Please post if you want to race.

12 Responses to “The build up begins”

  1. Greg

    When will Greg ride on Saturday? Is he part of the C team or will he ride with Ben again?

  2. Madison

    I would like to race.jrs in the CRIT chapms on Sunday.