Gila Riders– Big Boys starts at 6:30am. Plus Madera this week.

Old Man riders– 6:15am ┬ástart. Cara, Chloe, Kyle, Isabel, Avery. Please head up Helmet with the group not Madera. I want you all to be able to ride on Sunday. Kajeme and Madison I would love for you guys to make it all the way and to ride up Helmet. I know you can. Just believe.


Old Man riders that don’t make it around all the time. Shawn will recollect you all at Helmet and you guys will ride extra from there.


C Team. Veronique is your leader. Listen well.


Sunday– Gila Riders. Mt Lemmon. I know again, but really its the best training. 6:30am start.

Ride as high as you like, at solid endurance and at every mile post sprint for 15-20 sec.


Whiskey Riders: 6:30am leaving SUPER SHARP. A long day to the Como loop and back.


Whiskey riders this whole weekend is mandatory.


Izzy and Unai if you want to meet the Whiskey group at the Como loop that would be cool and encouraged. Please arrange this with the coaches and your parents.


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  1. Becki

    I couldn’t watch this whole video…as a Mom, I’m terrified!