Please READ carefully there is a lot of information that I am going to dump here.


Friday Night Crit Races:

Leo, Daniel, Keenan, Donovan, Max, Lirian.


Leaving the clubhouse at 3pm.

Arrive at course at 5pm.

Race starts at 6:40pm.


Bring money to eat out after the race. Van will be packed with everything you need to race, but bring extra car snacks.



Sunday Crit Racers: If you want to do the C team ride on Saturday that is just fine. If you want to ride to the bridge and back on the shoot out that is fine too. Please just do the ride that you think will help you feel most ready.



Whiskey Riders:



6:30am super sharp leaving the clubhouse for Mt. Hopkins.

You will not crush this ride, but practice patient climbing. Its just long. So practice taking your time and finding your pace. If you are not riding the crit, then you should put more effort in.


Sunday: Whiskey riders. If you are not doing the crit in phoenix, then you are very much expected at the Swap meet. There are two shifts. One from 7am to 10am, and 10am to 1pm. Please post as to what shift you want. If you do not post I will put you on the 7am shift.



Saturday: C team. 6:30am start. 2 hour ride–ish.


Saturday Gila Riders: Old Man starts at 6:15am big boy at 6:30am. We will then ride Madera Canyon. Everyone meet at the store. Some will ride to the top, others to Box Canyon and then down.


Sunday Gila Riders: Mt Lemmon. 6:30 am start. Then if you can after the ride, help at the swap that would be very cool.



Sunday Crit Racers:


Racing starts at 9:15am.

We need to arrive by 7:30am.

We need to leave at 5:30am, so that we have time.

Please be so very punctual.

Bring a change of clothes for the ride up and back and some food for after. I will have some stuff but not a ton.


8 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Madison

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I’m ready fir the crit bring it on!

  2. Collin hanes

    I am spending the night in phoenix Saturday. I will just meet you Sunday at the race