Here is a weekend update by Coach Nelson:


Saturday: Optional, if you are feeling good and want to ride. Old Man Shootout starting from the clubhouse at 5:45 AM sharp, riding to the bridge. Please check over your bicycle – tire pressure, brakes, etc. –  the night before to make sure that you will be good to go on time. Depending upon how everyone is feeling we may head over to the UA crit course on our way back in for some crit skills practice.
Any other rider wishing and excited to do the Shoot Out should. However be aware that no EL Grupo coach will be out. This is totally optional and only for folks who are excited and ready to get back on the bike.
Old Man starts at 5:45am and Big Boy at 6am. Leaving the clubhouse SUPER sharp at these times.
Sunday: Off. Be extra nice and attentive to your mothers and the people who play mothering roles in your lives.