I know this is finals week, and I want everyone to finish school strong.


I am keeping that in mind with this practice schedule and timing.


And yes I am beginning to take attendance this week for High School MTB season.


Yes I would love to have great attendance this week, so that everyone is ready for a very fun Luna Lake Bike Tour.



Race Age 15 and Over Practice


Tuesday: 4:30-5:30pm. VO2 max work at A Mountain


Wednesday: 3:45- 5pm. VO2 max work– more sprint style


Thursday: Off.


Friday: Folks should ride for 2 hours in the morning before we leave. So very heavily encouraged to do this.


Friday afternoon: We leave for the Luna Lake Bike tour.



Junior Under 14 race age
This week we will keep building fitness and honing skills specific to your events at Nationals. All three of these rides leave the clubhouse at 4:30 sharp. If your bikes need any attention please let us know asap so you can be ready to make the most out of each of the three practices this week – and so that you can have fun this weekend on the Luna Lake tour!
Tuesday: Crit skills and short intervals at the UA crit course.
Wednesday: Mountain biking guided by Veronique.
Thursday: time trials on the new southern portion of the Santa Cruz river path.

5 Responses to “Let the fun Resume”

  1. Sam Alexander

    I will go on both Tuesday and Wednesday to practice. Super excited for Luna Lake. See you all out there.

  2. Cara

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are project due dates and finals. Having practice (even if shortened) and counting its attendance towards HSMTB puts it in direct conflict with school, which should be a higher priority. Please make practice optional for this week.

  3. Walker

    I can’t make Tuesday due to senior graduation formalities.

  4. Sam A

    Due to my finals tommorow abd sisters graduation I will come on only wednesday