El Grupo vans will be leaving as close to 12pm on Friday as possible. Please arrive earlier if you can to pack up the vans/trailers. Please COMMENT if you will be riding in the vans.


Also, we will need to coordinate with other drivers going. Please COMMENT if you are driving separately, what time you are leaving and if you have room for others


If you cannot leave with the vans, please COMMENT what time you are available to leave.


It is a 5+ hour drive. The sooner everyone can leave the better. It is also a gorgeous drive through the Salt River Canyon. Best done in daylight, if possible.


You will be camping all weekend. You must make sure that you have all items on the gear list! Weather is predicted to be perfectly chillier than here – highs in low 60s/70s and lows near 40 or below some nights. Bring winter riding gear!!!

Gear List Luna Lake 2015
Riding Gear Camp gear
Quantity Item Quantity item
3  Riding shorts 1 or share tent
1-3 Team jersey 1 sleeping bag
1-3 jersey ( need 3 total) 1 sleeping mat
1 Long finger gloves eating bowl
1 short finger gloves eating utensil
2 Spare tube thermal mug
1  helmet 1 head lamp
 mtb zero Nothing electronic
1 road bike Cards OK
1 Riding shoes Hygiene
1 arm warmers you always need
1 thermal base layer these things
1 riding vest/ jacket small towel Tooth brush
1 multi tool sunscreen tooth paste
1 patch kit shampoo soap
2 water bottles
Race/ Event Info
Start time of event
Camp Clothes Saturday May 23rd, early morning
web site of event
Quantity Item www.bikegaba.org
1  toque projected leaving the clubhouse time and date
1  sunies- sunglasses Noon Friday  May 22nd
2  pants projected getting home from event time and date
2  shorts Monday late the 25th of May
1 warm jacket/ sweatshirt Other drivers going and their phone #’s
1  wind breaker/ rain coat
1 walking shoe
5  socks Weather Forcast
2 wool sock hi low
1 Team t-shirt 60’s 40’s
2 short sleeve shirt This is chilly. Be prepared!!
2 long sleeve shirt
Remember everything other than your tent and sleeping bag MUST fit into a normal size duffel bag!
Ignacio cell # 520-789-6947


36 Responses to “Luna Lake – Details on Leaving, Gear, Please Read!”

  1. Gillian

    I will be leaving some time between 4:30-6 pm Friday depending when I get done with work and can take 4 additional people. Leila will be going in the vans.

  2. Morgan

    Izabel (Izzie) will be riding in the van. I will be driving up on Saturday morning (will miss the first days ride). I will be pulling a small trailer so I will have a lot of room if needed.

  3. Sam Andrade

    I would like to ride in a van please. I am so excited!

  4. Veronique

    Shawn and I will leave around 3:30. We have room for 4 more with their gear and bikes. We won’t go by the clubhouse unless we see from the comments that you’d like a ride.

    • Parris Humphrey

      Might I ride with you, Veronique? I’m trying to convince Jeremy to come too, in which case perhaps both of us could come with you. We pack light and can provide decent conversation 😉

      • Veronique

        We’ll swing by the clubhouse around 3:30 to get you, Parris.

      • Veronique

        This just in: we can leave around 1. You’re more than welcome to ride with us if you can leave earlier. We have room for Jeremy, too.

        • Parris

          Hi Veronique,

          Jeremy isn’t coming so it’ll be just me. Do you prefer to leave at 3:30, or is 1pm what you’re now shooting for?


  5. Sam Alexander

    I am riding up with the family. We have no room, but I will get up with my bike and belongings.

  6. Nick King

    Susie will definitely tide in the van and if space, I will too.

    If not sufficient space in the vans, I’d appreciate commuting with someone else.

  7. Ana Quintana

    I am leaving from my school (BASIS Tucson North) at 12. I have room for one extra person

  8. Chuck

    Sounds like a great adventure. Stay safe and Have a great time!

    Keep it on two wheels,

  9. Rip

    i would like to ride in van please. also i have a tent that can hold 4-6 people depending on how we work it, it may be too big but if not comment if you would like to camp out with me 🙂

  10. Unai

    I’d like to ride in the van. I can be at the clubhouse by 12. Can I share a tent with someone?

  11. Madison

    I can not reach your school to meet you Ana so I will take the van at noon

  12. Ben Dunc

    I’d like to hitch a ride in the van or at 12 with whoever. Gonna be ill

  13. Izzie

    So excited for Friday. Need to share a tent, anyone still open?

  14. Nelson

    Zayk, Judith, and Nelson will be leaving from our place @ Stone & Limberlost around 1:30 PM, possibly camping en route, arriving at the staging area by 7:30 AM Saturday. We have room for one more bike and three people.

  15. Harris family

    We are driving our own vehicle with boys. We do need their bikes to go in a trailer. They should be bringing bikes before 12. Thank you!