Since its a build up, we are going to ease into it.


I want us emotionally ready for Nationals more than anything. If we are head strong and excited our legs will follow.


We have been off the bike for 9-10 days now and we all should hopefully be excited to return.


This week Training Plan: 


This is for all 15 and overs going to Nationals or Development Camps.


Wednesday: Tempo Ride. Starts at 3:45pm. Please coaches post if you can join us. I need help.


Saturday: Shoot Out with Helmet.

Old Man starts at 5:45am and Big Boy at 6am.


Sunday: Mt. Lemmon 6:30am start from clubhouse or Dove Mountain. LT work.


14 and Unders Here is your training plan:

Greetings. Here is the message for Junior Juniors (Kajeme, Izzy, Quinn, Anna, Zayk, Unai(?)) for this week:
Tuesday 4:30: three minute intervals and a few short sprints, probably on the Loop
Wednesday 4:30: steady state recovery
Thursday 4:30: “A” Mountain for time followed by three short hill sprints
Weekend: Old Man Shootout on Saturday at 5:45 AM OR Dove Mountain on Sunday at 6:30 AM. Talk it over with your families and let me know what works best.



Our bodies should snap right back to it.



Anybody else who would like to join us on the rides this week is very welcome. Any team member may join.



Also this week the Giro D’Italia started and the Tour of California as well.


is a great web site to watch live footage. I encourage all to watch what they can.



7 Responses to “Nationals Build Up begins”

  1. Madison

    I’m ready to start back up again! But due to the fact I am graduating on Wednesday I will not be able to participate in Wednesday’s practice.

  2. Matt Jones

    I’ll be there for today’s ride, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting on the bike more starting this week myself.

  3. Drew

    I can’t make it today, as I am in southern CA. I’ll be available for practice next week.

  4. Izzie

    Hay guys. My race in Flag was canceled, so I would like to do Dove on Sunday, rather than the shoot out Saturday. Thank you!

  5. Nelson

    Great efforts from the Nationals-bound Junior Juniors on the Old Man Shootout today. I know today was hard but if you are eager to get in some more miles and can fit it in your schedules I would encourage you to come out tomorrow as well for a moderate paced ride. We will leave the clubhouse at 6:30 AM, ride up the Santa Cruz river path to Twin Peaks, then go as far as we can towards Dove Mountain resort. Aiming to be back at the clubhouse by 9:30.